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Carson Tate believes that work can be the full expression of who you are –

the vehicle that can take you to a place where we reach the full potential of our greatness. As a visionary in the field of personal productivity and organizational excellence, Carson uses practical advice and empathetic training to guide and support her clients, helping them shine more brightly than they ever imagined possible.

An author, teacher and coach, for 15 years Carson has worked with organizations of all sizes around the world to help them improve the engagement of their employees, the productivity of their workforces, and the efficacy of their leadership.

It is her mission to change how and why you work so that we can each make a greater impact on our own lives, on our communities, and on the world at large. 

Central to Carson’s vision is her belief that when we do work that matters to us, it leads to greater success and wealth.

It becomes the foundation of a harmonious life where we have the time, space, mental clarity, physical well being, and emotional energy to take care of ourselves and others. 

Carson Tate is also the founder of Working Simply, Inc. where she equips organizations with tools, strategies, information and insights that inspire employees and leaders to use their gifts and talents to build their legacies. 

Carson’s signature courses include:

Carson Tate Masterclass:

Own it. Love it. Make it Work.

Mobilize Your Inbox:

How email can work for you.

Work Well With Others:

Find joy in teamwork.

Work Smarter, Not Harder:

Get up close & personal with work.

The WORKshop:

How To Work Simply and Live Fully.

A prolific public speaker, Carson teaches audiences how to identify what success looks like from a personal and professional vantage point; how to move beyond the way you’re working today, into a new world of productivity and accomplishment; and how to “own it, love it, make it work” by breathing life and inspiration into work.

Carson is a staunch advocate and champion for fair and flexible workplace practices that create healthy, nurturing environments for workers everywhere.

Her goal is to shift the focus from output to impact – our value as workers is meant to be measured by our contribution.  

There’s nothing Carson loves more than connecting with people.

In her uplifting and empowering courses, one-on-one coaching, speeches and workshops, Carson shares surprising ideas and insights that clients and audiences can immediately apply to create fulfilling lives that align with their values and priorities.

She inspires people to craft a future for themselves in which their work plays a joyful role. Above all, Carson believes that work is where your mission meets your spirit.  

“Before I started working with Carson, I was overwhelmed in both my personal and work life.”

Despite working late nights and weekends, I was behind on projects; deliverables were falling through the cracks. Carson took inventory of all of my tasks, and she gave me the tools and methods to streamline the important ones, delegate others, and simply eliminate some that were not impactful to my organization. She helped me to realize what my firm needed from me, and with that knowledge, I was able to focus my work on what matters most. It has been a game-changer. I am achieving more without the late nights and weekend work.

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