The Dream Job Masterclass for teams

It’s time to reimagine employee engagement

Work has radically and fundamentally changed.

In this environment and when your workforce faces unprecedented stressors, is it even possible for employees in your company to be engaged? Yes.

However, it requires a new strategy to employee engagement by employers. An approach that empowers and equips employees to identify and own what they need to be engaged and fulfilled.

If you are ready to rethink how you engage your workforce, the Dream Job Masterclass is your solution.

The Dream Job Masterclass will equip your employees to clarify and own what they need to be engaged and fulfilled in their work so you can realize better customer engagement, higher productivity, enhanced retention, and 21% higher profitability. 

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Dream job masterclass overview

The Dream Job Masterclass is an eight-week immersive development experience.

Eight 90-minute Live Content Workshops

In these live 90-minute interactive workshops, participants will learn the concepts, models, strategies, and tools for the week.

Eight 90-minute Implementation Sessions

In these live 90-minute interactive workshops participants will receive dedicated implementation time to apply their new concepts, models, strategies, and tools and receive coaching.

“I found I myself not loving what I do as much as I used to so I was drawn to the Masterclass as a way to learn how to get back to loving my job. I own my own business and I’d been in a slump from all the management duties that I really got away from doing accounting and taxes, which is what I enjoy doing. I initially wanted to gain new tools to grow myself and not only did I gain that but so much more than I expected. It helped me shift how I approach my work and ultimately put me back on the path to loving my job. But it also unexpectantly helped me reframe how I want to lead my team. I gained a new understanding on the ‘employee’s perspective’ which was very impactful as an employer.”

~ Donna Edge, CPA/Business Owner

Donna Edge

Peer Coaching Groups

  • Participants will be assigned to a three-person peer-led coaching and accountability group. This intimate group of like-minded peers will coach, support, inspire, and encourage each other.
  • All sessions will be virtual.
  • Groups will meet for 45-minutes six (6) times during the program.
  • Groups will meet bi-weekly for three months after the program concludes.
Grant Marting Testimonial

“The Dream Job Masterclass was life changing for me. I was not ready for it to end. Through this class and Carson’s coaching, I was able to turn around my attitude and outlook on life. I learned that I had more control and ability to affect my circumstance than I realized. And best of all, I asked for and got my dream job!” ~ Grant Martin

If you are ready to motivate and empower your workforce just like Grant, the Dream Job Masterclass is your solution.

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In this eight-week program, participants will reimagine how and why they work in three areas.

1. OWN IT.

Acknowledge who you are and what you want.

You’ll embrace your superpowers, name and claim your fears, overcome lingering negativity or limiting beliefs, and identify your personal Productivity Style so you can achieve your goals and actually enjoy yourself along the way.

2. Love it.

You will rekindle your intrinsic passion
and joy for your work.

You will complete a skills and experience inventory and design your professional development plan. You will learn how to cultivate authentic relationships and work more effectively with others. And, you’ll also discover the various ways you may unconsciously undermine relationships, and how this keeps you stuck in inauthentic relationships.

3. Make it Work.

Make your job work for you.

You will learn how to craft your work in three areas: tasks, relationships and cognitively so you can find more meaning in your work. You’ll also learn how to ask for what you want and need to realize your professional goals and how to overcome roadblocks that may prevent you from creating your dream job.

“I was feeling demotivated and wanted clarity on what it is that I really love doing. I wanted to find the joy again and a better work/life balance. I’m grateful for the impact this program has had on my life.”

~ Sissel Lundeby, Consultant and Lean Six Sigma trainer

Sissel Lundeby

Participant Learning Objectives
  • Understand the employee- employer relationship as a social contract so you can find and claim your voice in your relationship with your employer.
  • Identify your recognition and appreciation needs so you can be recognized and rewarded for your knowledge, skills, and contributions.
  • Learn the S.E.E. feedback framework so you can create more positive, affirmative, successful work experiences.
  • Identify your strengths so you can focus on what you love to do and make your work fit your life.
  • Identify your skills and experiences and create your Abilities Opportunity Map.
  • Design your professional development plan from your Abilities Opportunity Map.
  • Identify how you unconsciously undermine relationships and use the Platinum Rule to cultivate authentic relationships.
  • Identify your work style and the work style of your manager and team members so you can reduce misunderstandings and interpersonal conflict.
  • Shape and modify your tasks, relationships, and cognitive framework of your work so your job supports both your professional and personal needs and goals.
  • Learn how to ask for what you want and need so you can advance your career and find more meaning in your work.
  • Learn a coaching model to be used in your peer coaching groups to support, encourage, and hold each other accountable to your action plans.

Program Materials

  • Copy of Own It. Love It. Make It Work: How to Turn Any Job Into a Dream Job book and workbook
  • Workbook for each week’s class and implementation session.
  • Quick Reference Guides to support you as you implement your new tools and strategies.
  • Peer coaching model and guidelines

If you are ready for your workforce to clarify and own what they need to be engaged and fulfilled in their work, the Dream Job Masterclass is your solution.

To learn more about the Dream Job Masterclass for your team, schedule a call below.

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