The Dream Job Masterclass

Is work working
for you?

Do you dread Monday mornings, count down the days to the weekend, or wonder if this is all there is to work and life?

There is another way to work.

work can…
  • Leverage your unique strengths, skills and talents
  • Fit smoothly and perfectly into your life
  • Enable you to learn, grow and develop personally and professionally
  • Recognize and reward you for your knowledge, skills and contributions
  • Fulfill a deeper sense of purpose
  • Inspire and empower you
  • Lift you up and help you shine

You have everything you need to make this a reality. You just need a roadmap to show you the way. The Dream Job Masterclass is your guide.

Enrollment for the Masterclass is currently closed.

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In this six-week Dream Job Masterclass, Carson Tate helps you
create the work and life of your dreams. She leads you in
three key areas so you can reimagine how and why you work.

1. OWN IT.

Carson helps you acknowledge who you are and what you want.

You’ll embrace your superpowers, name and claim your fears, overcome lingering negativity or limiting beliefs, and identify your personal Productivity Style so you can achieve your goals and actually enjoy yourself along the way.

2. Love it.

You will rekindle your passion
and joy for your work.

Carson will help you unearth your strengths, and align them to your goals. You’ll learn how to cultivate authentic relationships and work more effectively with others. You’ll also discover some truths about the various ways you may unconsciously undermine relationships, and how those broken bridges block your progress. Let’s repair them and move on.

3. Make it Work.

Carson shows you the way to make your job work for you.

She will coach you to invest your time wisely, manage how and where you direct your attention, and create a life where your work is infused with real meaning. 

Dream job masterclass overview

The Dream Job Masterclass is a six-week immersive development experience.


Six Live Content Sessions facilitated by Carson Tate

In these live 75-minute interactive workshops, you will learn the content for the week and develop your action plan to implement your new strategies and tools.

Don’t worry if you can’t make a workshop. All workshops will be recorded and uploaded to your online program portal.

Six Weekly Implementation Sessions facilitated by Carson Tate

In these live 75-minute interactive workshops you will receive live coaching from Carson, get your questions answered and have dedicated implementation time to apply your new strategies to your work.

If you can’t make a workshop, you can access the recording in your online program portal.

Peer-Led Accountability Groups

As part of the program, you will be assigned to a six-person peer-led accountability group. This intimate group of like-minded peers will support, inspire and encourage you.

You will meet online, every other week for a total of three times.

Online Resource Portal

The Dream Job Masterclass program materials including workbooks, quick reference guides and workshop recordings, and everything will be easily accessible from our online portal.

You will have a unique username and password to log into your portal and will have lifetime access to all the Dream Job Masterclass program materials. 

You can access your materials from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

LinkedIn Group

As a program participant, you will be invited to a private LinkedIn Dream Job Masterclass group.

This is your tribe. Ask questions, access additional tools and resources and get the support and encouragement you need to create the professional life of your dreams.

Bonus — Online Tame Your Inbox Course

The Tame Your Inbox online course was designed to show you, step by step, how to automate and streamline the management of your inbox. Using proven email management strategies and the technology tools already available in your email program, we’ll work together to take back control of your inbox once and for all.

Dream Job Curriculum Overview

Own It.

Acknowledge who you are and what you need:

  • Admit your recognition and appreciation needs
  • Align your strengths
week 1
  • Name and Claim Your Fears
  • Embrace Your Superpowers
  • Overcome Your Brain’s Negativity Bias
week 2
  • Admit Your Recognition and Appreciation Needs
week 3
  • Excavate Your Strengths
  • Align Your Strengths to Your Organization’s Goals

Love It.

Rekindle passion and joy in your work:

  • Cultivate authentic relationships
week 4
  • Use the Platinum Rule
  • Discover How You Unconsciously Undermine Relationships

Make it Work.

Make your job work for you

  • Design your work for more meaning
week 5
  • Design Your Work for More Meaning – Part 1
week 6
  • Design Your Work for More Meaning – Part 2
Tools and Resources
  • Workbook for each week’s class and implementation session.
  • Quick Reference Guides to support you as you implement your new tools and strategies.

  • Articles to inspire you and ignite change.

FrequentLy Asked Questions

Is the Masterclass for me?

If you are ready to transform how and why you work and make work WORK for you, the Dream Job Masterclass is for you. However, to create the professional life of your dreams requires an investment of your time and energy. You will need to attend the workshops, participate in your peer-led accountability group and complete the activities and exercises to realize your goals.

How are the materials for the Masterclass delivered?

Everything is available for you in the Dream Job Masterclass portal. You just log in and you can access everything – recorded workshops, workbooks, quick reference guides and articles. Once there, you will be able to see everything for the upcoming week’s class and the prior week’s class. You can access the portal from all of your devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone.

How much of my time will the Masterclass require each week?

There are two 75-minute live webinars each week. And, every other week you will meet with your peer accountability support group for one hour.

What if the Dream Job Masterclass is not for me?

I stand behind my program and offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first two weeks of the program. If you are not completely satisfied with the program, email me and we will refund your money immediately with no questions asked. I am completely confident that this program has the power to create lasting change for you.

What does the Dream Job Masterclass program cost? Do you offer a payment plan?

For our inaugural Dream Job Masterclass, we are offering a special price of $620 for the program. You can pay in full or in two equal payments of $310.

Dream Job Masterclass Program Schedule

The Dream Job Masterclass begins on Monday, September 14 at 1:00 pm EST.

Dates: September 14, 2020 – October 20, 2020


  • Content Workshops – Mondays at 1pm EDT
  • Application + Coaching Workshops – Tuesdays at 1pm EDT
  • Peer Coaching Group: TBD

Each workshop will be virtual via Zoom and is 75-minutes long.

You will receive a calendar invitation with the Zoom link when you enroll in the program.

If you can’t make a live workshop, don’t worry. All workshops are recorded and will be available in your online resource portal.

Let’s work together to create the work and life of your dreams!

Join the Dream Job Masterclass

Enrollment for the Masterclass is currently closed.

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