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Work Well, With Others

Let No One Hold You Back From Success!

Leverage the strengths of your colleagues to build a high-performance team and avoid the petty misunderstandings that keep you from achieving your goals.


Achieve your goals, work on a high-performance team, and enjoy your work!

Working with a team can be one of the great joys in life. But it can also be utterly frustrating.

The reason you may find working with other people so challenging is very simple: when your work style and the work style of others clash, the misunderstandings and tension that result can prevent you from completing your best work, block you from receiving that next promotion, undermine your political standing in your organization, or inhibit you from building and leading a high-performance team.

Don’t let others hold you back from your dreams and goals!

Learn how to work with them in a way that leverages both of your strengths so you can avoid unnecessary conflict and get ahead in your career.

Start speaking the “language”of your colleagues and achieve your goals.

No two people have identical work styles – some individuals work best alone in long stretches of quiet; others need the energy of frequent verbal back-and-forth. Some revel in a messy office, while for others their pen and mousepad must be lined up at a 90-degree angle. Everyone’s different!

And each work style has its own language. That’s why we run into problems when we try to communicate with those who don’t share our work style.

The Work Well With Others program is like having a fluent translator with you at all times, helping you understand the work languages of your teammates.

The program explains what drives the behavior of your colleagues, what sparks their interests, what elicits their insights, and even what provokes their anger (ouch—keep away from that!).

The Work Well With Others program was designed to show you, step by step, how and why conflict occurs and how to prevent it so you can easily work with anyone, anytime to achieve your goals, the team’s goals, and your organization’s goals.

The Work Well With Others Program

is specifically designed to show you how to work well with everyone in your life.

In this program you will:

Understand what drives others. Identify the work style of your colleagues, significant others, and friends so you can understand how they work and the impact their work style has on your ability to work well together.

Get your message across clearly. Communicate to be heard and understood so you can get work done, achieve team goals and build meaningful relationships.

Draw from the strengths of everyone. Leverage your colleagues’ strengths so you can achieve extraordinary goals and make a significant impact on your organization.

Distribute work evenly across your team. Delegate effectively so you can harness the productive power of your teammates and complete projects with ease.

Eliminate conflict. Interpersonal conflicts are the results of our blind spots colliding. When you can’t see, nor understand where others are coming from, conflict is inevitable. Learn to identify the blind spots of everyone on your team so you can keep your projects moving forward without any work style collisions.


The Work Well with others Program


Identify your work style and the work style of your colleagues

  • You’ll complete the fun, intuitive Productivity Style Assessment® and identify your unique Productivity Style so you can understand how you work and the impact this has on your ability to work well with others.
  • I’ll show you how to look for clues and cues in emails you receive and conversations you have (as well as many other places!) to identify the work style of your colleagues, family members, and others in your life so you can understand how they work and the impact their style has on your ability to work well together.


The Clash of Work Styles

  • We’ll work together to understand why work style clashes occur. Exploring the strengths of each work style (for example, prioritization, organization, communication and ideation), I’ll show you how to leverage your specific colleague’s work style strengths so you can enhance your ability to collaborate and work well together.
  • We’ll explore the blind spots of each work style and I’ll show you how to minimize exposure to your colleague’s blind spots so you can reduce interpersonal and team conflict and tension and keep your projects on track. I’ll walk you through case studies and specific examples of how to work well with your boss and your colleagues.


Build A High-Performance Team

  • I’ll show you how to identify the productivity value that you bring to a team so you can strengthen both your leadership of and contributions to a team.
  • We’ll explore how each work style prefers to communicate and how you can communicate to be heard and understood by each work style using the four essential questions.
  • We’ll explore coaching, and I’ll show you how to bring out the best in your colleagues by understanding what motivates and demotivates each work style so you can enhance team performance.
  • I’ll teach you powerful questions you can ask each work style so you can boost individual and team performance.


Delegate Effectively

  • We’ll explore why we resist delegating and identify what prevents you from delegating.
  • I’ll teach you the five principles of effective delegation so you can harness the productive power of your teammates.
  • We’ll explore delegation strategies by work style so you can clearly and effectively delegate to each work style.
FrequentLy Asked Questions

How is this program different from other people management courses?

The Work Well With Others program was designed using my graduate school research into how our cognitive styles influence and inform our individual work styles. Using this research, I created my proprietary Productivity Style Assessment® which has demonstrated for over 500,000 people how each person uniquely perceives, processes, and manages information – and how this influences how we work.

Everyone has a distinctive cognitive style, which means that in order to work well with others you must understand their cognitive style and then use your understanding to leverage their strengths and minimize their blind spots.

What if I have questions or need additional support?

My team and I are here to support you throughout your program. If you have any questions or need any additional support email and we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours ready and able to assist you.

How long is the Work Well With Others course?

Work Well With Others is a self-paced course with four unique learning modules. Each module consists of three to five instructional videos, and each video is short – 5-7 minutes long – so you can easily learn the new concept, strategy or tool and then immediately apply it.

Modules are released each week to give you time and space to implement your new strategies and to figure out what’s working best for you and your Productivity Style.

The best part? Your access to the course never expires. Go at your own pace or repeat modules, as needed. Personalize the experience to make it yours.

What if it isn’t for me?

I stand behind my program and offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

If you are not completely satisfied with the program, email me and we will refund your money immediately with no questions asked. I know that this program has the power to create lasting change for you.

The Work Well With Others Program

is specifically designed to show you how to work well with everyone in your life.