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It is my mission and my passion to change how and why we work.

For the past 15 years, I have worked with organizations of all sizes around the world to help them improve the engagement of their employees, the productivity of their workforces, and the efficacy of their leadership.

Based on everything I’ve learned from the thousands of people I’ve taught and trained, mentored and coached, I know in my heart that one thing is true:

Our work is meant to be a full expression of who we are.

It is meant to make us happy. Make our hearts sing. Challenge and empower us, and expand our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual lives.

Now is the time to stop focusing solely on output and reorient to impact. It’s not about the number of emails in our inbox, meetings we attend, nor the hours we spend in a chair or in front of a screen.

Our value as workers is meant to be measured by our  contribution.


This is where a productivity coach can help you

  • Focus your time, energy, and attention to get work done and achieve your goals
  • Take control of your email and reclaim hours each week
  • Personalize your productivity systems and tools to eliminate busyness and work smarter, not harder

I think it’s been slowly dawning on all of us for years, that our work is an essential part of our humanity. When we are thoughtful, deliberate, and intentional in our work, it can be a doorway of self-expression. It can help us become the people we were born to be.

There’s a new way to work. A better way. A way that serves every part of who you are. We’ve created a path to get you there.

Come with us.


Carson Tate is the founder and managing partner of Working Simply, Inc., a consulting and training firm that has served a fast-growing client list, including AbbVie, Deloitte, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz, Synchrony, and Wells Fargo.

She is the creator of the Productivity Style Assessment®, featured in Harvard Business Review’s 2017 Guide to Being More Productive.

Carson has a BA in psychology from Washington and Lee University, a Masters in Organization Development, and a Coaching Certificate from the McColl School of Business at Queens University.

“Early in our time together, Carson’s strategies helped me to focus on what was most important and to see around corners, anticipate and prepare for what was coming.”

I first started working with Carson at a pivotal point in my career – literally, my first day in a new role. I had just been promoted to Chief of Staff, so it was a transitional time for not only me, but also my boss, our CEO.  She taught me to do the biggest things first and fast. She helped me realize how much I needed my personal organizational systems and priorities working flawlessly through this transition – and that’s been the key strategy from her that’s been paying dividends in not only the day-to-day of my role, but also how I feel and know that I’m making a significant impact. Carson met with me on my own turf, but pushed me in a way that made me appreciate all that this process was capable of creating for me.

John Brown

“Carson’s strategies served as wonderful reminders to me that there is a more efficient way to do things that works for me personally.”

My experience with Carson Tate is two-fold: I had the unique opportunity to learn from Carson personally and to watch her present at Queens University’s Employment Development Day. I can attest to the fact that, in both situations, she was not only the right person who offered helpful solutions and answers that I needed for my own productivity questions, and but also she’s someone who shared those answers, strategies, and her vast and practical knowledge in a down-to-Earth, approachable, very human way. Her presentation, Work Smarter, Not Harder, received rave reviews from employees. We heard that her approach served valuable takeaways, and that she personally was an engaging and effective speaker with great energy.

Teri Orsini

“My work with Carson and the strategies she taught me transformed the way I think about my time.”

I met Carson Tate at a board retreat for Leadership Charlotte. She conducted a session on time management, more specifically (and more importantly) – making the best use of the time that we have.  This session had a powerful impact on me; so much so that I wanted to continue having conversations with her regarding how I could be more effective in the use of my time. My work with Carson and the strategies she taught me transformed the way I think about my time – not only how I allocate it, but also how I get clear on what I do, how I seek significance, and how my time management impacts both.  I am grateful to Carson for becoming, unbeknownst to either of us, my professional and life spirit guide.

Hyong Yi

“I met Carson seven years ago and was impressed with her immediately – she grabs your attention; she brings topics to life.”

I not only enjoyed her spark and ability to connect, but also her broad range of productivity strategies that I knew she could bring to the Belk community. She asks the right questions to get to an outcome-based solution quickly.  As a result, our teams are using their productivity tools with a stronger impact. Carson understands the context of our environment, our culture, and our people. So much so, that she stays in touch with me and continually offers to us fresh ways to stay efficient. With Carson, I have a deep, valuable knowledge set, but, more importantly, a partner in my success.

Judy Bamping

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