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The way we’re working isn’t working. Work is not just something we do. Work is an expression of who we are.

– Carson Tate.

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You are a human being.
Not a human doing.

The Working Simply Mantra

The way we’re working isn’t working. Work is not just something we do. Work is an expression of who we are.

Working Simply is an invitation to move beyond our output centric, busyness- affirming culture and instead work from a place of meaning and purpose. I believe we are no longer willing to check our humanity at the office door. It’s time to change the way we work.


My promise to you

The tools and strategies in my programs are powerful, personalized, and proven.  That said, enhancing your productivity is simply a gateway to conquer the daily overwhelm that keeps you from living your best, most passionate life.  Our busyness epidemic has become such a strong force in our culture that we’ve lost sight of our ability to choose a different way of working.

Busyness is a thief. It steals your time, energy and your freedom to pursue your dreams and the things that make you happy. Each of us is accountable for how we spend our time, energy and attention every single day. Even so, we’re perpetually swept along in a tide of to-do’s that distract us from our true purpose.  There’s too much at stake – family, friends, joy, big moments, small moments, game-changing career moves – to succumb to pervasive busyness.

And that is the reason I am committed to supporting you in this effort.


I understand what’s at stake – the why of your life.

I’m known all over the world for delivering the industry’s most innovative and highest quality productivity and personal development training. I’m also a coach committed to revealing the deeper meaning behind my clients’ goals and passions – the why of their lives.

Through my courses, products, programs, articles, books and speaking, you’ll join a tribe of passionate people on a journey to work simply AND live fully.

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