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Dream Job Masterclass:
Own it. Love it. Make it Work.



About the Masterclass

In this soul-stirring 6-week Masterclass, you will dive deep into reimagining what work can be, and creating the work and life of your dreams.

Carson Tate leads you through the three key areas of your work life, excavating old beliefs and replacing them with new tools, strategies and inspiration. Your work is meant to touch your heart and soul. This Masterclass opens a door for your inner light to shine.


Carson helps you acknowledge who you are and what you want.

You’ll embrace your superpowers, name and claim your fears, overcome lingering negativity or limiting beliefs, and identify your personal Productivity Style so that you can reach your goals and actually enjoy yourself along the way.


You will rekindle your passion
and joy for your work.

Carson will help you unearth your strengths, and align them to your goals. You’ll learn how to cultivate authentic relationships and work more effectively with others. You’ll also discover some truths about the various ways you may unconsciously undermine relationships, and how those broken bridges block your progress. Let’s repair them and move on.


Carson shows you the way to make your job work for you.

She will coach you to invest your time wisely, manage how and where you direct your attention, and create a life where your work is infused with real meaning. 


This is the essential Masterclass for those who want to elevate their work so
that it enhances their lives, in every way possible. Don’t miss it.


make WORK work for you audio course:

Create your dream job.


Work can fit smoothly and perfectly into your life. It can leverage your unique strengths, talents, and passions so you can do more of what you enjoy. Work can be a place where you are recognized and rewarded for your knowledge, skills, and contributions and where you have authentic, collaborative, supportive relationships. Work can fulfill a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. It can lift you up and help you shine.

A step-by-step course, the Make Work WORK for You audio program, shows you how to own, love, and make your work fit your life so you can achieve your professional and personal goals.

The course consists of 7 audio modules ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in length.

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How email can work for you

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Email is your ally. It is a consistent link to colleagues, clients and partners, and the single most powerful tool the workplace has ever seen for seamless and immediate communication, collaboration and coordination.

Used correctly, email is not an irritant or a source of overwhelm. In fact, when harnessed and managed, Email will reduce your workload, streamline your projects, and increase your productivity. 

Whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail, you have a full suite of email management tools at your fingerprints. 

You can transform your email into your personal assistant.

Our Tame Your Inbox course leads you through all the technology shortcuts and aides that we have discovered in our exhaustive research of these three email platforms.

It’s time for your inbox to start working for you by scheduling your meetings, reminding you of pending requests and prioritizing your incoming messages. With our help, your inbox will support and assist you as you complete your work and achieve your goals. 

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build and lead a high-performance team:

Magnify your team’s performance.


None of us is an island. We are all closely connected to coworkers, partners, sponsors, clients and others who contribute to the work we do. Effective teamwork is the key to success, for individuals and organizations.  

For most of us, leading and working on teams is a great source of inspiration and camaraderie. And, it is also true that many of us have faced real challenges building, leading, and working on teams, navigating others’ work strategies, communication styles, and approaches to projects, deadlines, collaboration, and decision making. 

What is the best way to lead a High-Performance team so that everyone leverages their strengths to achieve goals and feels uplifted and supported? It’s critical to ensure that all viewpoints are considered, that processes operate smoothly and efficiently, and that outcomes are always improved, never hindered, by the group. 

How can we all speak the same language, and still honor each individual voice?

Our Build and Lead a High-Performance Team course is like having a translator and a mediator who helps you understand the work language of your team members and teammates so you can elevate performance, productivity and impact on your team.

The course expertly reveals how to work as a team – the internal and external drivers of key execution behaviors – such as what sparks interest, elicits insight, promotes consensus, and supports productivity. 

This breakthrough class shows you how to build and lead a High-Performance team and work well with others in the workplace. It illustrates why conflict occurs, and the specific ways to prevent or work around it, how to communicate clearly so you are heard and understood by everyone on your team, and how to delegate well so you can amplify your performance and the performance of your team.

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Get up close & personal with work

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When work becomes the place where your mission meets your spirit, you will want to make sure that every minute you spend working really counts.  

You will have no more patience for “busy work” or stalled projects or non-productive habits. Work is meant to be the full expression of who you are, and one of the greatest sources of joy in your life. 

So let’s clear the clutter and make sure your inner brilliance can truly shine.

Our Work Smarter, Not Harder course will show you how to: 

  • Identify your own Productivity Style so you can stop wasting time on tools and strategies that do not work for you.
  • Manage your attention span, creating mental clarity and space to quickly complete tasks and projects.
  • Understand your personal energy needs and how to maximize energy to achieve your goals. 
  • Become a wise caretaker of your time, so you can focus on the people and projects most important to you.
  • Reimagine your to-do list and capitalize on brief, open pockets of time (like the 10 minutes between meetings) to actually get things done. 
  • Spend less time processing email and more time enjoying life.

Take back control of what matters to you with this groundbreaking course.

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How To Work Simply and Live Fully

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Your work, and your life, are big and bold. That’s why one-size-fits-all productivity systems don’t work. You cannot be constrained by tools and strategies that don’t celebrate your personal Productivity Style and help you shine your own brilliance into the work that you’re doing. 

The WORKshop e-book is a transformative, interactive guide designed to help you leverage the strengths of who you are and how you work so you can create the vibrant, harmonious life you want to live. It’s filled with productivity resources, exercises, tips and guidelines for how to transform the way you work. It is also a journal that encourages you to track your progress and record your insights. 

Your work is an essential part of your life. It will grow and evolve as you do. 

The WORKshop shows you how to 

  • Finish tasks and projects (from answering emails to launching products) in half the time by applying your workflow strengths.
  • Highlight and earn praise for your valuable contributions by leveraging your communication strengths.

See the vision of your big, bold, brilliant life take shape before your eyes – complete with a detailed action plan on how to get there.

The WORKshop is priced at only $17.